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How To Get Here


Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) is a university located in the district of Muallim, Perak, Malaysia. So far, two UPSI campuses have been operating, the Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus (KSAJS) in Tanjong Malim and Sultan Azlan Shah Campus (KSAS) in Proton City, while another campus being developed in Teluk Intan. The IPCSM2017 event will be held at Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus (KSAJS) in Tanjong Malim. There are several ways to get here:

By Air

UPSI is accessible by air through regular scheduled direct flights from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2) to Penang Airport and Johor Airport to Ipoh Airport. Alternatively, flight from Singapore to Ipoh is also available via Firefly and Tiger Air.  Following are a few links for the available airlines services.

Airline Website
Malaysia Airlines
Air Asia
Tiger Air

From the airport, varies transportation can be chosen to get to UPSI such as car rental, taxi, bus, or train with vary cost.

By Car/Taxi
UPSI, Tanjong Malim is accessible by road from the capital Kuala Lumpur or South Peninsular via the North-South Expressway and  exit at Tanjung Malim. The travel from Kuala Lumpur to UPSI, Tanjong Malim would only take a one hour scenic drive.

If driving from Ipoh or North Peninsular, use North-South Expressway and exit at Behrang.  It only takes about 1 hour 50 minutes from Ipoh to UPSI, Tanjong Malim.

By Bus
Using almost similar route and travel time taken by car or taxi, bus is an alternative transportation to get to UPSI. If travel from South Peninsular, one need to transit at Puduraya Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur and choose the following bus company to get to Tanjong Malim.


Travel from Kuala Lumpur (Puduraya Bus Terminal) to Tanjong Malim

Bus Company


  Adult Child

TM-KL Express

RM 7.70

RM 5.50


If travel from North Peninsular, one need to transit at Amanjya Bus Terminal or Ipoh Bus Terminal at Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh and choose the following bus companies to get to Tanjong Malim.


Travel from Ipoh to Tanjong Malim

Bus Companies


  Adult Child

Sri Maju Express

RM 12.60

RM 9.50


From the Tanjong Malim bus station, taxi services are available to get to UPSI at approximately RM7.00. Tanjong Malim taxi service can be summoned by calling 05-4585334.

By Train

There are two types of train services provided by Malayan Railway Berhad (KTMB) to get to Tanjong Malim train station:  KTM Komuter/KTM ETS and KTM Intercity.

The KTM Komuter is a fast and efficient service that caters especially to commuters in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding suburban areas. It is an inter-city train services operated use electric multiple units. It is the fastest train service meter gauge in Malaysia that now operates in the electricity and two detected strain of the West Coast Line between Gemas and Padang Besar on the Malaysia-Thai border.

Meanwhile, the KTM Intercity (Malay: KTM Antarabandar) is the brand name for a group of diesel-hauled intercity train services in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Most services operate from Kuala Lumpur Sentral station in the Malaysian capital. A few operate solely along the East Coast line between Tumpat and Gemas and on to Singapore. There is also one cross-border train daily between Butterworth, Penang and Hat Yai, Thailand.

The KTMB ticket can be get via online or attend to any train station counter in Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Kedah and Perlis. Please refer to the following link for tickets, travel schedule, fares and further information, or call KTMB customer services via the following number +603 - 2267 1200.

From the Tanjong Malim train station, taxi services are available to get to UPSI at approximately RM7.00. Tanjong Malim taxi services can be summoned by calling 05-4585334. 


For all foreign participants, VISA is required for attending this IPCSM 2017 conference:

• Visa is not required for a stay of less than one (1) month for ASEAN nationals except Myanmar.*
• Visas are required for duration of stay exceeds (1) month except for Brunei and Singapore nationals.*
• Israel citizen who wish to enter are required Visa and approval from Ministry Of Home Affairs, Malaysia.*
• Refer here to confirm the detail country which VISA is required to enter Malaysia
• Visa applications must be made at any nearest Malaysian Representative Office Abroad.






KPM participants who have not paid RM50, please pay BEFORE 16 September 2017, or your registration will be canceled.
Please e-mail the proof of payment to the


For those who will arrive on Friday, you are encouraged to pre-register to avoid the crowd on Saturday morning.
5th IPCSM & ICSTEM17 pre-registration will be held on Friday (6th October  2017) afternoon at 3.30pm - 5.30pm at Level 5, E-Learning Building, Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris


To all teachers, educators, lecturers and officers (grade DG) under Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, KPM would like to give you 83% discount for the registration fees of 5th IPCSM'17 & ICSTEM'17. However, this offer only valid for the first 300 participants. This mean, that you only need to pay RM50 to join the 5th IPCSM'17 & ICSTEM'17 either as participant or presenter (oral/poster). Remember...First come first serve!! For further information, please download the KPM's announcement in the following link. 


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